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Jim Chanos Says China Reached Tipping Point In 2015

China bear Jim Chanos has stuck to his guns for five years now, He said again and again that real estate in China and the Chinese stock markets were both experiencing massively inflated asset bubbles and that they would come crashing back down to earth eventually.

It looks like Chanos was right. The Chinese stock market is down my more than a third in the the last three months, and Chinese commercial real estate is also swooning this year. Unfortunately, Chanos says its almost certain to get worse as the Chinese government is simply not capable of making the decisions required to solve the problem (ie, actually take its foot off the economic gas pedal).

The famous bear hedge fund manager was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post's Lynn Parramore.

Jim Chanos became China bear in fall of 2009

In the interview, Chanos said first began to question the China economic miracle back in late 2009 when his team was looking at why the global mining business was actually doing well in the middle of a recession. "I knew intuitively it was because China was a vast source of demand for commodities, but I didn’t know how much until my real estate analysts put some numbers up on the white board. One of them said that as of the summer of...