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GOLD: Near the low of the Year

The USD index rose on yesterday session breaking out of consolidation and making fresh highs at 85.21

Today on the economic calendar we have from the U.S the Durable Goods Orders in August that are expected to drop to from 22.6% to -18% showing that the state of U.S production activity is deteriorating.

GOLD tried to push higher but found enough resistance at 1,225.98 the 10 day moving average, closing near the low of the day creating an inside day. The stochastic is still showing oversold conditions. The one million dollar question for gold direction; will it test the previous low of 1,183 and bounce to higher levels or will it penetrate this support level and set the stage to continue the bearish trend.

Expecting an upward move to 1244.96 on a break above previous day high at 1225.98 (scenario 1) or a break below previous day low at 1215.57 could push GOLD to Year low at 1182.47 (scenario 2).