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Action List for Tomorrow, Wednesday July 13

  • 1.Realize the bull market in commodities is continuing, ex-gold GLD GDX. See Alcoa AA quarterly earnings
  • 2.Trade Juno Therapeutics (JUNO). Stock up 30 percent as FDA Removes Clinical Hold on JCAR015 Phase 2 Trial. Is that legal?
  • 3.Short TASER International (TASR). Stock’s at a 52w high, short float ~20%. Betting on a stock moving up on tragedies is not a good trading strategy
  • 4.Avoid DUST.
  • 5.Avoid Gold this time aroud. NUGT fell 11.5 percent
  • 6.Trade the all-time rally highs with Netflix and Twitter
  • 7.Consider taking profits from Nvidia (NVDA). Nothing new. Mid-range GTX1060 costs more than AMD card. GTX1080/1070 cards scarce.

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