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​ Tonight's Action List for Tomorrow, November 2

AMD is toying with $11 but could drop to the $10ish level. But the stock is poised for upside some time this quarter. Have patience. Accumulate. Ride the threadripper.

INTC is some how running towards $50/share. Hold.


NVDA will report tomorrow. Are you buying ahead of the results? I would not.


Facebook crushed estimates. They are making $10B a quarter now. That's ~ $33/user in revenue. Instagram is paying off.

GoPro - GPRO - issued a weak outlook. Avoid. The trade is over. Easy money already made.

QCOM beat estimates. Beats by $0.11. Qualcomm is here to stay. No single lawsuit will stop them from growing. It does not need  AAPL when it can own AI/IoT/Automotive for growth.

What are your trades for tomorrow?

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