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The billion-dollar question about Donald Trump’s wealth has been answered, according to Forbes

First world problems. Trump really does tie his ego to his wealth. What a sad and pathetic way to live.

I love the comments about how the liberal media is just trying to tear down Trump. Forbes magazine, farking Forbes, is now part of the liberal media.

Well… Yes.  Kinda.

Journalists are middle-class liberals who write about rich people and get status envy.
Media OWNERS on the other hand are all billionaires.

So what you end up with is billionaires choosing what gets written about, but urbanite upper-middle-class 95% white/Jewish* people doing the actual writing.

So the Far Left never even gets mentioned except as a fringe group because billionaires, the Beige Dictatorship is always awesome because billionaires, and the Far Right readership keeps seeing all this liberal slant in the news stories because 95% white.

So some guy sitting over on the say 20th percentile is seeing 90+% of the media to his left, at about the same time as Sanders supporters are seeing 90+% of the news stories to their right.

Which is why the righties trust Glenn Beck and Fox News like family.  Because they’re the only people calling it like the righties are seeing it.  Which they really shouldn’t because they’re explicitly fleecing them into buying gold and prepper shiat.

* I’m just doing what they’re asking:​ews-in-am​erica-struggled-for-generations-to-become-white-now-we-must-give-up-th​at-privilege-to-fight-racism/

Here’s what he said, according to an article by Forbes’ Randall Lane: “I think you’re trying to make me as poor as possible,” Trump told the magazine. Trump also offered this: “And look, all I can say is Forbes is a bankrupt magazine, doesn’t know what they’re talking about. That is all I’m gonna say.”