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Woman Sues Wal-Mart After Police Escort Her Out of Store

A Florida woman and her husband are suing retail giant Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) for allegedly kicking her out of a location and forbidding her from returning because of an outburst caused by her Tourette’s syndrome.

According to Tina White, she was shopping at a local Wal-Mart in 2011 with her two children when she experienced an outburst due to her diagnosis. After, she was escorted out of the store and order never to return. Further, a police officer issued a no trespassing order to White, USA Today reported.

White and her husband are currently seeking $2.2 million from Wal-Mart in damages.

“Most people understand that when they hear Ms. White have one of her verbal tics, that it is involuntary and it’s a disability. They recognize it as Tourette’s, and they just shrug it off like water off a duck’s back,” White’s attorney said, according to USA Today.

It's difficult to understand why a large retail chain, particularly Wal-Mart which is so widely popular, would kick a customer out of a store location when she noted her disturbance was created by a medical issue. This shines Wal-Mart in a very unflattering light, making it seem as though they are somehow biased or offended by those with disabilities, enough to where they must leave the store. 

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