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Is AB Inbev Making a Huge Mistake?

In a move that can only mean even worse mass produced beer, AB InBev (NYSE: BUD) is finally going to swallow up SABMiller (PINX: SBMRY) for a cool 100 Billion. After Miller rejected their initial offer, AB InBev brought out the big guns and made a Godfather offer that Miller could not refuse.

I could be in the minority here, but the way I see it, this conglomeration is doomed for failure. Everyone my age cares about the latest microbrewery more than whatever swill Anheuser Busch is producing. Sure, the big guys can push their Blue Moon as if that is a craft beer, but most people still prefer something with more care put into it. Even homebrewing is making huge gains. I see these mega-breweries slowly going the way of newspapers.

Or maybe a Milwaukee’s Best-High Life-Bud Lime-Busch Light combo will get every frat boy in America to lose their minds and buy one hundred cases each. We shall see.