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Out Fox The $treet: July 6, 2017

Stocks to watch on Thursday:

LendingClub (LC) - the fintech should've completed a quarter that returned the company back to growth mode. The market isn't that convinced with the stock stuck below $6. LendingClub remains a huge buy on any breakout. 

Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) - Stephen's downgraded the stock and cut the price target by an incredible $50 to $195. The resignation of CEO Sally Smith hasn't worked out for the stock, but my research suggested that Marcato Capital Management had valid points about Buffalo Wild Wings needing a new leader. 

Synergy Pharma (SGYP) - the biotech remains in a bullish mode. The higher the stock goes, the more bullish the scenario for shareholders. Synergy can raise cash at higher stock prices.

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Disclosure: Long LC