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Amazon Users Now Able to Make Charitable Donations

We all know that Amazon doesn't mind giving away some money to increase sales, but now there's something pretty interesting.  As of yesterday, the company now lets buyers choose to donate 0.5% of the item price to a charity of your choosing.  The new project is named "Amazon Smile".  It is a pretty straightforward procedure, you go to and pick a charity you want to donate to (ex:  American Red Cross).  From what we know, they have yet to put a limit on how much they are willing to donate, and that all physical items are eligible for this program.

From the outside, we'd see that even though Amazon's sales have been increasing, there share price went down in the past quarter.  Good thing is that once they explained this to the investors, the share price surged up in response.  The positive thing for them is that they receive tax advantages from the donations.  That's the cool thing about Amazon, they're willing to spend their profits and to invest more in hopes of generating new sales.  It may hurt them a little temporarily but it is a very solid long term strategy for growth and success.