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Logitech Unveils a Versatile, Inexpensive Smart Home Button

Smart home buttons like the Philips Hue Tap are great in theory, but handicapped by the fact that they can only control a small number of connected gadgets. Thankfully, Logitech is here to fix all of that with smart home control of its own. Dubbed Pop, Logitech’s unique switch can be programmed to work with lights, locks, and speakers alike while a trio of triggers (single, double and long presses) can each be programmed individually using Pop’s corresponding app — meaning you can control those lights, locks and speakers from a single Pop. Best of all? $99.99 USD gets you a plug-in bridge and two buttons while additional buttons will run you just $39.99 USD apiece.

For more on Pop, head on over to Logitech’s website. Pre-orders for both the starter kit and add-on buttons areopen now.