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How to Invest in the Internet of Things and the FinTech Revolution

  • (0: 45 ) - The World of Fintech: Where Is The Growth?
  • (8: 50 ) - The Massive Growth of the Internet of Things
  • (17: 15 ) - The Future of Thematic Investing

The tech world has exploded into a number of new industries in recent years. Segments that were once relatively untouched by the recent revolutions that we have seen in the world of computing, communications, and information are now finally being revamped with high tech processes.

Two such major shifts as of late in the market come to us in the world of FinTech-which blends technology and finance into new types of banking, card processing, and the like-and also the Internet of Things, a wide market that touches everything from household products to industrial machinery by connecting a variety of devices to the internet so that they can send and receive data or instructions.

Both FinTech and the Internet of Things look to be high growth areas and could completely change their respective industries in the near future too. And with this kind of growth potential, investors have to be asking what are the key points to know about these impressive industries?

Well, for some insights on these new areas of the tech world, I spoke to Jay Jacobs, the VP, Director of Research at Global X for this week's Dutram Report . We discussed these two markets in greater detail, and what investors need...