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Europe – Stability returns, Systemic Risks fade?

Europe remains a beacon of hope for many suffering economic and physical hardship in other parts of the world, notes EY.

In its October 2015 report titled “Stability returns and systemic risks fade”, EY notes investors and refugees alike look to the Eurozone as global economic uncertainty persists.

Europe remains in a “sweet spot”

According to the EY report, thanks to low energy prices, a weak euro and solid export demand, consumer and business confidence in Eurozone is showing stability, though growth will slow slightly after peaking in 2016. The report points out that the Eurozone’s GDP will have likely grown by 0.5% in Q3 2015, up from 0.4% in Q2. The report projects 1.6% GDP expansion for 2015 as a whole.

The report notes with enhanced business confidence, investment spending in Eurozone will pick up in 2016, lifting growth to 1.8%. However, the report notes this will mark the high point of recovery, as growth is then seen at 1.7% in 2017 and easing to 1.5%...