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Twitter: Periscope Is Dying


Blab's CEO explains the issues facing the livestreaming apps.

Periscope is losing popularity as its lack of innovation has caused users to move on.

The category is still in its infancy with Snapchat and YouTube as the front runners to take hold of it.

Livestreaming is the newest category in social media. This is because it takes higher powered devices to stream the content and more bandwidth to view it. That being said, livestreamed social media has now been on the scene for over a year with Meerkat breaking the mold last year. There had been options before that with YouTube (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) live and YouNow, but YouTube is still principally a recorded video creation platform. YouTube live has been buggy in the past, but has made incremental improvements over time. The big change will be when YouTube launches its app called Connect later this year.

YouNow seems to gearing itself to service a young demographic only. This has allowed its business to stay consistent, but limits its broad appeal. When YouTube Connect launches it may devastate YouNow because YouNow has been serving YouTubers who want to make money and connect with fans via a livestream. Considering most YouTubers have more followers on YouTube than YouNow, getting them to stream more with YouTube Connect will not be difficult.

Regardless of the number of options, there still hasn't been a winner in the livestream category even with Periscope (NYSE:TWTR) and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) live launching since Meerkat got things going. We can learn a lot about the failings of the current livestream apps from the recent post on Medium by the CEO of Blab, Shaan Puri. Blab is another one of these livestreaming websites/apps.

Blab's differentiating factor is the ability to have up to 4 concurrent streams going simultaneously. This allowed viewers to watch a conversation occur instead of only one person talking. While multiple people can get into the frame of a Periscope, having multiple cameras capturing people works much better especially since they don't have to be near each other. The other big advantage to Blab, which differentiates it from Google Hangouts on Air, is that you can easily invite guests to be a part of the show. The platform encouraged conversations, so it could be a fun experience even if you didn't have any viewers.

A few weeks ago, Blab shut itself down because it was veering in the wrong direction. The CEO and founder has a big vision and wasn't satisfied with having an app that only hundreds of thousands of people using it. In total the app had 3.9 million users in...