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Tesla Gets Obliterated After Analyst Warning

Tesla closed down over 9% on Monday, to $253 per share ahead of the markets' close. 

The collapse is largely being chalked up to a note that Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas published Monday in which he reiterated an overweight rating on the stock but expressed four "sobering factors" to consider about the stock:

1. The electric vehicle (EV) market is collapsing worldwide.

2. Tesla will struggle to meet demand in China.

3. Tesla isn't going to capture the mass market.

4. People won't even buy cars in the future — and Teslas are cars!

Jonas continues to think that Tesla is worth $320 per share, but his note is full of caution, not just about CEO Elon Musk's carmaker but the entire future of EVs.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised. Musk himself has suggested in recent weeks, as he has before, that Tesla's stock may have climbed too high, too fast.