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AT&T has Strongest Growth

AT&T posted strongest growth result in long-term wireless subscribers in 5 years yesterday.

The revenue surged 7% from a year earlier to $18 billions.
Wireless subscribers increases 8% to 116 million.

AT&T has increased more customers because of usage-based pricing program that allow customers to pay data base on how much they use wireless data.

Over 40% of new smartphone users were on Next plans that allow customers pay for their device in installment of 20 or 26 months instead of paying cheaper price with 2 years contracts. This push device sale up 52% from a year earlier to $2.48 billion.

AT&T shares were down over 3% because investors were concerned about slowing growth in the company's wireless segment.

The giant telecom company is expecting that revenues will grow by 4% or more in 2014.