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Can All-Day Breakfast Save McDonald’s?

Egg McMuffin fans, rejoice! Fast food giant McDonald’s (MCD) is reportedly set to offer 24-hour breakfast. This is a significant departure from its previous policy, in which breakfast offerings ended around 10 a.m. in most cities. The news is exciting for a number of reasons. It allows McDonald’s to increase its market and sales opportunities for those who enjoy eating breakfast foods throughout the day. All-day breakfast is currently offered by many of McDonald’s fast-food competitors, including Sonic (SONC).

More importantly, this shows McDonald’s management has an ability, and a willingness, to pursue new ideas. McDonald’s badly needs as many sales and customers as it can get. When combined with the decision to streamline its menu, improve service, and more effectively respond to customer concerns about food quality, this is another step to demonstrate the company cares about what its customers want.