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Target's Efforts To Secure Long-Term Positive Performance Earn Stock A Bullish Thesis

I am bullish on Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT); the company has a well thought-out, long-term strategic growth plan that involves focusing on the expansion of both store and digital networks, elevation of signature product categories and bringing improvement in the in-store experience of customers. And to fund these growth plans, TGT is cutting back its expenses through its effective restructuring plan, which will pull out cost from its operations to better the company's long-term growth prospects. Furthermore, due to the fact that TGT's cash flow base will remain healthy in the years ahead, I believe the company's shareholders will continue to enjoy healthy cash returns.

Given the intense competition in the U.S. Retail Industry, TGT has ramped up its strategic growth efforts in order to maintain the stock's attractiveness for investors. As a matter of fact, the company's increased focus on key growth generating areas such as small store formats, digital retailing channels and signature product categories have well positioned the stock for a better and healthy long-term growth. The following chart shows that TGT's sales are expected to grow consistently through 2020. Read more