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Apple To Ditch All-Metallic iPhone 7 Design [RUMOR]

As Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans eagerly await the release of the iPhone 7, it seems that the device will retain the plastic strips of the iPhone 6. The previous iteration of the iPhone series features translucent plastic on the rear of the handset, and the latest reports indicate that this will be retained when the iPhone 7 is released.

iPhone 7 camera
iPhone 7 to retain plastic strips

This might come as something of a surprise, considering that Apple’s main rival Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) has attempted to move away from a plasticky feel in its recent mobile releases. Samsung was indeed criticized when the Galaxy S5 was released for producing a device that felt dated, and has since opted for a primarily metallic visage.

But the plastic strips involved in the iPhone design are a relatively minor aspect of the overall Apple smartphone, and thus it is not so controversial for Apple to continue with this design in the future. However, it had still been reported previously that Apple was in fact working on replacing these plastic tramlines, with the intention of producing an entirely metallic iPhone. The plastic is certainly not present for aesthetic reasons; they serve the purpose of allowing radio waves to penetrate the aluminum casing of the iPhone units.

Some observers of the Apple range have considered this plastic element of the design to be a little ugly, and this had motivated Apple to attempt to alter the construction of the iPhone 7. Apple has already filed a patent that indicates the company has developed a material constricted from a blend of metal oxides that serves the purpose of the plastic strips.

The patent states that the metal oxide looks and feels metallic, but still allows radio-frequency to pass through unimpeded. This would result in an iPhone 7 that could retain a premium all-metal appearance, without compromising the...