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7 Major Stock Events From This Last Week You Should Not Miss

What a great week that stocks managed to have. Some technicians will say that the prior Friday’s lows were close enough to a retest of the August lows that a bottom was put in for now. Other technicians will disagree. However you decide to cut it yourself, we cannot ignore that the Dow Jones industrial Average closed at 17,084 on Friday — a gain of over 1,070 points from the lows of the prior Friday when the jobs report was so minimal.

24/7 Wall St. wanted to highlight seven major stock moves that investors simply cannot ignore. There were major bits of news and almost all of these stocks outperformed the broad market.

Alcoa Inc. (NYSE: AA) has just tipped its hand about what it thinks of the future, by announcing that it will break itself up into two separate companies. This puts the growth and technology product business on its own. It also leaves the old-school aluminum and alumina dependence on its own without any cover. Our take is that this is a mistake. It could make the weaker side of the business just that much weaker. Alcoa closed down almost 7% at $10.26 on Friday due to poor earnings, but the gain in commodity and metals stocks still allowed shares closed up an impressive 7.7% for the week.

General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) was such a stud on the Dow that you might have thought it was a tech stock with great news. After...