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The Kinder Morgan Situation is Much Ado About Nothing

Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI,) a huge energy company based out of Houston, has been taking a beating. But, the surprising part to me is that there stock isn’t tanking because of falling sales, or low revenues, or a dim growth prospects. The Wall St. gods are unhappy with them because they “issued $1.6 billion of mandatory convertible preferred stock.”

From everything I can find online, issuing mandatory convertible stock is standard operating procedure at a lot of companies. Analysts don’t always like it, but again, it’s not some sort of death knell. If their CEO had been caught soliciting male prostitutes and then became embroiled in a blackmail lawsuit, I’d be a lot more worried. (That really happens, by the way. And usually with a closeted Republican who openly campaigns against LGBT reform. But I digress.)

Basically, if the fundamentals of the company are okay, I see all this noise as much ado about nothing.