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Netflix won’t rattle our record box office year: IMAX

With "Star Wars", "Avengers", "Spectre" and "Jurassic World" hitting screens in 2015, the chief executive of IMAXis confident it will be a blockbuster year for cinema.

"I think it probably will be a record year in terms of box office. We're certainly on a pace to do a record box office," Richard Gelfond told CNBC Thursday.

For IMAX and the entertainment industry, 2015 has delivered a raft of blockbuster movies. However, not all years can guarantee film releases from a number of top-selling franchises.

Despite this, Gelfond said IMAX wasn't worried as it shows 35-40 films a year worldwide, thereby one title doesn't normally have a huge impact on sales.

"One title here or there—not that 'Star Wars' isn't great—it just doesn't move the needle that much. Every year, there are five to seven core blockbuster movies and those tend...