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Cree Continues To Look Promising


Cree Inc (CREE) reported a stable mix of consumer and commercial sales for Q2 FY 2015 driven by the company's push to increase awareness of the Cree brand. There was solid revenue and margin growth with the lighting segment performing well. However, the LED segment was rather stagnant. Still, there are good growth opportunities in this segment. Cree's new line of connected bulbs look to exploit the Internet of Things "IoT" movement, offering consumers smart lighting for only $15/bulb. This is incidentally the lowest price point on the market. I continue to have a positive outlook on Cree and expect the company's top-line growth to increase utilization and drive operating leverage. Robust F2Q results illustrates that the firm is starting to profit from higher utilization rates in the lighting business.

Cree likely to outgrow the LED lighting market

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