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How an iPhone Reportedly Postponed Apple iCar Plans as Early as 2008

Just how serious is “Project Titan?”

Reports have surfaced following former Apple senior vice president Tony Fadell’s recent interview with Bloomberg, that the late Steve Jobs was considering the design of an “iCar” as early as 2008. Fadell disclosed that himself and Jobs would regularly discuss an automobile addition to Apple’s franchise with hypothetical topics such as design, style of car and fuel type covered. Many factors contributed to the eventual denial of production including America’s then declining auto industry and Steve Jobs’ ambition to define the iPhone as Apple‘s main product. To this date, reports suggest that the “iCar,” codenamed “Project Titan,” has a potential ship date of 2019 and will be an electric vehicle featuring semi-autonomous driving technology and a plethora of high-tech, well considered components. Stay tuned for more information on how this project evolves.

Author: Adam Mark Barnard