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Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1, A Multi-Instrument Device

The digitization of instruments is epitomized in Artiphon’s INSTRUMENT 1, a multi-instrument device where you can play an array of different sounds on one product. The INSTRUMENT 1 can be transformed into a guitar, violin, bass, piano and more… all simply through plugging in and playing via your music app of choice. The unique and compact device can be used in a multitude of ways, and is ergonomically designed to be ambidextrous and adaptable to play like the traditional instruments it emulates. Artiphon’s INSTRUMENT 1 works with renowned music apps such as GarageBand — playing any sound available through the app — or even Moog’s Animoog for synth sounds, as well as its own app, allowing the user to explore sounds they’ve never heard before. Check out its Kickstarter page here, and learn more about what could be the next revolution in how we play music.

Author: Helena Yeung