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JC Penney's Release Confirms Many Worries

As the holidays have come and passed, many stores were happy with the boost in sales that came along, and that includes JC Penney.  However, it would same that their shares have fallen for 4 straight sessions.  Without making any specific comments, they claimed that they are continuing to make progress and that customers are happy with what they offer.  Despite the losing streak, they still maintain its previous outlook that the liquidity will rise pass $2 billion.  

Their brief release resulted in shares plummeting 8.6% more in early trading.  Last month, their November same store sales increased 10.1%.  With that, analysts are fearing that same store sales for JC Penney has reached its peak and that it would slow down from here on.  This fear is someone being confirmed by their release.  How do you guys think they'll do from here on?