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Aerie Pharmaceuticals Is Speeding Towards Improving The Management Of Glaucoma

Aerie Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:AERI) is a development-stage pharmaceutical Company focused on eye diseases, mainly glaucoma. The firm's lead product candidate, Rhopressa, is a once-daily triple-action eye drop that demonstrated ability to lower intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with open-angle glaucoma. Aerie's second glaucoma product, Roclatan, is a single quadruple-action eye drop. It is a combination of Rhopressa plus the marketed eye drops latanoprost. Roclatan is to be administered once daily.

Two Phase 3 registration trials are being conducted in the U.S. to demonstrate non-inferiority of lowering IOP with Rhopressa compared to the conventional drug timolol. Read more