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King Abdullah's new Secretary of War (PHOTO: c Warner Brothers)

Stoked, pissed, and ready to throw some ISIS-butt through some plate glass windows. 

Jordanian Hashemite King Abdullah II is getting majorly Rambo on ISIS. He's looking totally Predator, utterly Dirty Harry, completely Man From Nowhere Gunslinger. He's been listening to Pete Townsend's "All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes."

He has expressed the apoplectic rage felt in sum by his nation by publishing some super-cool, rugged, don't-mess-with-me shots of himself dressed up in legit camo garb, with all manner of straps, holsters, switches, knives, and one imagines, a hidden array of deadly accouterments .  .  .  missile trigger-switches, lethal poison capsules, laser pens, etc. Along with this image he has promised to rain mortal suffering and death on the Islamic State until his military is completely "out of fuel and bullets."

Mess with this man at your own peril (Instagram)

I read a short dialog here on this site by one of my blog opponents Oskar F which reproduced some of the public comments of readers on a news website. The comments seemed to revolve around the thesis that this inter-Muslim aspect to the ISIS battle and PR campaign lends a new authenticity to the whole affair. Perhaps--let us at least hope. The idea is that Western anger at ISIS only spurs them on further with new energy and delight, because nothing makes ISIS and Jihadi John more happy than to be regarded as an animalistic bloodthirsty Satan by (in their opinion) apostate Western Christian nations.

But by first leading the Jordanian people down the garden path via bringing their hopes up that their pilot would be released in the prisoner swap, and then turning around and whacking him via the most horrible death dished out so far by the rogue terrorists--this has lent some velocity and momentum to the tide of public opinion as it turns toward ISIS in raging hatred. Again--let us hope.

The worst thing about it is it really does look like ISIS never had any intentions of releasing the flyer; if they did, simply providing some footage of the guy holding up a newspaper with the date of that day's negotiations clearly visible on the cover .  .  .  it would have been as easy as pie. They chose not to; they chose rather to rub raw the emotions of the Jordanian people and dump blistering kilograms of salt and lime into the irritated emotional wounds by burning the guy alive while trapped in an animal cage.

One thing is certain--whatever ISIS actually is, it is on the clock now. That clock is running down, one would like to think. One would like to hope. Mulsim nations not directly affected by ISIS bullets and light artillery were against the group because they were "supposed" to be against them. Their hearts were likely not strongly in the fight. 

But by burning the pilot they also burned to the ground whatever goodwill those Muslims who were apolitical but extremely religious--and open to the idea of a Sharia-bound old-fashioned caliphate resurrected via the glory days of Suleiman the Magnificent, or Harun al Rashid-- and probably turned away a good portion of those folks by sickening them to the pit of their collective belly.

In the meantime, get used to seeing King Abdullah of Jordan strutting around in his strapping camo. This guy is no poseur, he is a veteran of longtime service in the Jordanian military (35 years). According to the Washington Examiner, a Republican US congressman sat in on the meeting wherein King Abdullah fired off his threats. According to the article:

 "He said there is going to be retribution like ISIS hasn't seen," said Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter Jr., a Marine Corps veteran of two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, who was in the meeting with the king. "He mentioned 'Unforgiven' and he mentioned Clint Eastwood, and he actually quoted a part of the movie."

The report wasn't exactly clear what specific line was quoted .  .  .  but get used to King William Munny of Jordan from here on in.

It's war, my friends.

Preston Clive