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House Passes $39 Billion Cut In Food Aid For The Poor

Republican in the House of Representatives have passed a billion what will cut $39 billion dollars out of food aid programs like food stamps over ten years. That represents a 5% reduction that would end benefits for 3.8 million Americans next year. Food stamps can be a hot button in politics, plenty of conservatives view food stamp benefits as a crutch for the poor that allow them to just live off the government for as long as they can. While others seem it as a tool to help the poor while they try to get back on their feet. 

Since our economy took a nose dive more and more people to turned to food stamps to provide a meal for their family, earlier this week the U.S. Census Bureau presented data showing 46.5 million people are living in poverty today. With the economy growing slowly tagged with the Fed QE program still going strong, and companies hiring more and more part time workers so they don't have to pay for their health insurance, I'm not too sure this is the time to start cutting benefits for people.