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First Solar Remains Strong Despite Industry Turmoil


First Solar's fundamentals remain strong in spite of its large Q1 revenue miss.

Despite the fact that First Solar is performing incredibly well financially and technologically, the company is still pursuing a relatively low-growth roadmap.

First Solar's hesitation to embrace the residential solar sector could backfire in the long run given the segment's growth potential.

First Solar is uniquely prepared for the rapidly growing global solar market.

First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR) continues to stand out in the highly competitive solar industry. Despite the turmoil surrounding many major solar companies, First Solar has remained relatively unscathed over the past few quarters. First Solar's focus on technology and financial health has allowed the company to become the most profitable in the solar industry. While First Solar reported mixed Q1 results, the company's long-term prospects remain strong.

Investors were clearly disappointed with First Solar's Q1 results considering the company's recent downturn. Most notably, the company's Q1 revenue of $848 million missed expectations by approximately $118 million. However, First Solar's EPS of $1.66 beat estimates by an impressive margin. While First Solar clearly did not blow past expectations, the company's fundamentals are still improving at an incredible rate. Given the recent volatility in the solar industry, First Solar's robust fundamentals look more appealing than ever.

Unfazed By Industry Turmoil

The solar industry has experienced one of its most volatile periods over the past few quarters. In fact, the once-unparalleled solar giant SunEdison (SUNE) recently filed for bankruptcy after an unrelenting and merciless downward spiral. Other major solar players like SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY) have also faced a growing number of issues in the current solar environment. Despite the harsh industry conditions, First Solar has remained relatively unaffected.

First Solar's strong performance in recent times speaks volumes to the durability and strength of its business model. The company's strategy of focusing on high quality growth has worked out extremely well. In fact, First Solar...