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[Premium] Important Stocks and Updated Risk vs Reward Setups

A wise Egyptian man once taught me, “If you trade the averages, you’ll get average returns”. The media likes to focus on what “The market” is doing today?”. People want to know, “What did the market do today?”. It’s just how we are and how we think. But it’s not the best approach, in my opinion. Far from it.

This is not a stock market, it is a market of stocks. There’s a difference. It’s funny how many people have tried shorting the major US averages over the past couple of years only to see sectors rotating and a majority of the components holding them up. While some sectors go through corrections, another one steps up and leads the averages higher. Sector rotation is the lifeblood of a bull market. This one has been no different.

Today I want to turn your attention to a group of stocks that I like to include in the Chartbook. These are a group of some of the most important names that do not fall within the category of the Dow Jones Industrial Average or Dow Jones Transportation Average. We’re in the process of doing some updates on the site and will be adding several new workbooks including an Equally-weighted group of charts, Monthly Charts and the Nasdaq30. You’ll see these added very soon.

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