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Wondering where I have been lately?

Last week on precisely the same day and approximately the same time my Mom passed two years ago, Mom came for my Dad.

The past two years were a great struggle for him. He was heartbroken.

But he kept on notwithstanding.

He kept his considerable medical issues at bay and remained engaged with a community that in the greatest esteem.

In the end he fell and hit his head…it was fast.

What is most relevant to we of Zero Hedge is as follows:

He and my Mom both lived through the terror and hell of WWII as youngsters. They both experienced the scenes we are witnessing constantly today first hand.

Bombs dropping, fleeing with everything you own on your back or in your pocket and the fear of not knowing what happens next.

They both traveled extensively, including in particular to those places we now see in complete mayhem, Syria being just one example.

He knew his history and geography backwards and forwards and would never express an opinion unless he knew his shit. I tested my ideas on him daily.

I will tell you what he thought of the current state of world affairs. It is simple. He was appalled.

He was appalled at discovering that nothing has changed since the big wars: Guns and chaos for paper profit.

He was appalled at the role of our country principally in creating that chaos which currently reigns over the planet.

And he was appalled at the feckless bankster obseqium of ALL the consummate morons and political bagmen populating Vichy DC.

As you know, so was my Mom.

Although he was not engaged on ZH daily as she was (he was not computer savy), he agreed with the overall gist of what is said here.

He was proud of the tenacity of my output and worried how I could continue giving.

I could go on with this memoriam, but I will not.

They are gone and I will carry the colors in the name of their memory.

They both served our country with honour and will receive the appropriate send off.

He was a good man, his family and friends loved him dearly and he died with his boots on holding the fort as they say.

Yes, I am sad, but I really could not think of a better way.

Given the circumstances, I believe we were signalled by the two of them not to worry, everything is fine wherever they are. And I know they are up there raising hell against the shit heads down below.

I appreciate this and I am at peace.

Thanks Mom and good bye Dad…



When that great Kings return to clay,

Or Emperors in their pride,

Grief of a day shall fill a day,

Because its creature died.

But we -- we reckon not with those

Whom the mere Fates ordain,

This Power that wrought on us and goes

Back to the Power again.

The Burial, Rudyard Kipling