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The U.S. Government Has A Problem: A Strong U.S. Dollar

The Financial Times points to the problem: Shawn Donnan writes that the strong U.S. dollar has become a problem for the United States government and the White House. "A strong dollar now hitting corporate profits and U.S. exports and the moves by central banks around the world to weaken their own currencies have revived an old angst on Capitol Hill and drawn new battle lines for Congress and its currency warriors."

Speaking of U.S. exports, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis has just released the December 2014 statistics on international trade. The international trade deficit increased 17.1 percent from November, to $46.6 billion. Exports decreased 0.8 percent to $194.9 billion, and imports increased 2.2 percent to $241.4 billion.

Seems as if there are choppy waters ahead!

The United States really finds itself in a difficult situation right now because the economic thrust of the government since the early 1960s has… Read More …