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Xenoport: Significant Growth Potential On Horizant Sales And A Solid Pipeline

XenoPort (NASDAQ:XNPT) had a rough ride in the last couple of years. The stock is down significantly since reaching a peak of $65 in early 2008, and it is also still down from a 2013 peak of $12.86. The company was experiencing difficulties with the commercialization of its only approved drug - Horizant, and the latest developments show that the future might be better than it was previously anticipated. XenoPort also has a promising pipeline, and last year's deal with Reckitt Benckiser has strengthened the balance sheet and should help accelerate the development of Arbaclofen placarbil (NYSE:AP). I believe that XenoPort might turn out to be a great long-term investment and that there is potential for substantial upside in the next two to three…