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I Bought 5,000 Shares Of $BMY As It Screams "Buy MEEEEE"!! See the trade here

I am buying 5,000 shares of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (NYSE:BMY). Just last week the stock reported stellar earnings and jumped sharply higher. Since then, in a week biotech/pharma market, $BMY has slowly pulled back. This slow pullback is called bullish consolidation and is actually setting up to rocket higher. With the stock trading off 52 week lows, it is a low risk/higher reward trade. Add the bullish consolidation in and it is a no brainer as a buy. Want to get alerted when I buy stocks in real-time? Sign up to Verified Investing and follow me. Anytime I buy a stock/ETF, you will get an email. You can then opt-into the trade getting my exact entry price, target and stop. Joining Verified Investing is free, members only reward me (a Verified Trader) with a few Dollars IF they get big winning trade information.