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Dividend Capture Watchlist for 3-8-2015

Over the last two weeks, the markets continued to move sideways and they are now at the high levels of the last year (and around all time high). The IV is low and the sentiment is bullish. Over the past year this has been a good opportunity to buy put for protection.

Here is the current market sentiment trend:

Market Sentiment
Spy is near the upper band

We feel that the dividend capture strategy will pay off – If market will move up – we will earn premiums and dividends, and if the markets will go down – we hold them to longer-term and will have more cash to re-enter the market. Similarly to previous weeks,  I’ll be focusing on good companies (5 and above) that have dividends yield of more than 2%

As a reminder: I’m looking to open positions in good companies that distribute dividends in the next 5-30 days. I’m selling covered calls on those stocks so I will profit from the dividend and the option premium. You can follow us on 

,  where we often publish more trade ideas.

The dividend capture watch-list:

Dividend Capture Watchlist 3-8-2015


(16 Results. Charts are visible on site and not in email)

* I like PFE, INTC, IP, IBM


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