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Trade Alerts for Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017: + $2,320 Profits

9:53- SHORT 15.5K MU at 43.65avg, COVERED 14.5K at 43.51, out + .14, COVERED 1000 at 43.45, out + .20 = + $2,230

9:59 – SHORT 500 MU 43.78, STOPPED 43.88, out - .10 = - $50

11:14 – BUY 2000 AMD 11.17, SOLD 11.24, out + .07 = + $140

Total P/L: + $2,320 Profits

SPY chopped this morning. Chips were super strong again. We scaled into MU SHORTS starting light at 43 and heaviest at the final 44.03 fib area 43.90s-44.05 area for the 1-minute market structure high trigger for the nominal reversions back to the .618 magnet at 43.48 on heavy size. We nibbled on a very small short test short for potential 5 min mini inverse pup but stopped out quickly on the 44.86 fib overshoot. We hit AMD for a scalp as it climbed the 11.14 fib break to 11.28 fib on the nose. Closed out the morning with + $2,320 Profits

* The Trade Alerts are timestamped signals alerts to members in the live chatroom. Results are hypothetical and fills may differ between different traders. Alerts are not solicitations to buy or sell securities, but meant to illustrate the trading methodology for educational purposes. Moderators and members may or may not take the trades based on their own individual goals and risk parameters.