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Corrugated/fluting Paper Roll Manufacturing Equipment

Leizhan Corrugated/fluting Paper Roll Manufacturing Equipment

Output Paper Type: tissue paper, writing paper, recycling paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper and so on.

Suitable Raw Material: original pulp, waste book and paper, white paper edge, waste bin and so on.

Features and Specifications:

1.About paper-making machine:

Net paper width: 1092-1300mm

Speed: 20-100m/min

Output weight: 15-140g/m²


Standard of cylinder: φ1000×1450mm (stainless steel in slip)

Standard of dryer can: φ1500×1450mm (cast iron alloy dryer)

Rail gauge: 1800mm

Drive way: decelerator drive (350 type)

Way of arrangement:

Size: 8400×4600×3000

Weight of equipment: 1.5ton

One set of speed motor is equipped with 7.5kw

Technical Specification:

Raw Roll Width: 1750mm;2100mm;2300mm;2500mm;2850mm;3000mm (pls choose)

Raw Roll Diameter: Φ1200 mm

Paper Core Diameter: Φ76.2mm

Finished Paper Roll Diameter: ≤Φ150 mm

Capacity: 0-200 m/min

Embossing roller: steel to paper rollers of steel to woolen rollers (pls choose)

Edge embossing unit :steel to steel rollers

Calendering :Steel to stell or steel to rubber(to be order)

Paper Stands: 2sets

Perforating :3 perforating blades for 90-180mm;Pneumatically separating

Air Compressor: Min Pressure depend on machine model(prepared by buyer)

Motor Power:depend on machine model

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