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10 Stocks Cramer's Watching To See If The Market Rebound Is Sustainable

CNBC's Jim Cramer has a list of 10 stocks that will dictate the sustainability of the market's rally.

During Monday's "Mad Money" segment, Cramer highlighted 10 stocks that "represent the fundamentals of a real bull market." He added that unless these stocks move higher, the market is going to "have a hard time attractive believers."

The 10

    1. Alphabet Inc 
    2. Apple Inc. 
    3. The airline sector as a whole
    4. Starbucks Corporation 
    5. Nike Inc 
    6. Visa Inc 
    7. Target Corporation 
    8. Gilead Sciences, Inc. 
    9. Allergan plc Ordinary Shares 
    10. Walt Disney Co 

Cramer noted that these 10 stocks "speak volumes" about why many traders and investors are still "skeptical" of the market's recent all-time highs. For example, Gilead's stock is down 14 percent for the year, and Cramer suggested the company has lost its luster and is now the "eyesore of the market."

Disney is considered by Cramer to be one of the most troubling stocks in the market given the ongoing "cable cutting" concerns and how this will eat into its ESPN segment's profit.

Finally, Cramer said the Brexit vote actually helped stocks move higher — that is, after the immediate mass selling. He explained that the Brexit outcome prompted interest rates to fall even lower than expected and put the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike on hold.

Cramer concluded that the Brexit outcome was "not bad for our markets."