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The Battle has Just Begun-Icahn Demands a Share Buyback

 (Image source: Scott Eells/Bloomberg; David Paul Morris/Bloomberg)

Carl Icahn released a letter on his website urging Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to immediately consider a tender offer to buy back $150 billion shares at the current price of $525 per share. Icahn wants Apple to use their surplus cash reserves with a combination of debt to finance the share buyback. The man has been calling for a share buyback for some time now. Icahn has 4.7 million shares in Apple worthy about $2.46 billion. The letter promises no financial gain on behalf of Mr. Icahn, which is just wishful thinking. Why would a guy like Icahn demand something for nothing? Increase your stake in the company and then demand a share buyback, something smells fishy. Apple should keep their cash reserves in place and focus on innovation instead artificial tactics.