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The Case For REITs In 2015

Yes, There is a Case for REITs in 2015

I have written a number of articles recently about REITs, including American Realty Capital Properties (ARCP), Urstadt Biddle (UBA), Gladstone Commercial (GOOD), Acadia Realty (AKR), American Assets Trust (AAT), Lexington Realty Trust(LXP), Chambers Street (NYSE: [[CSG]]), Columbia Property Trust (CXP), Senior Housing Properties Trust (NYSE: [[SNH]]) and Hannon Armstrong (NYSE: [[HASI]]). I believe that the sector still represents a good value, but there is growing concern among some readers about the prospects for REITs this year.

A typical comment - in so many words - that pops up is, "Well, this REIT may look good now, but just wait until interest rates rise, then the shareholders will become bag-holders and lose their shirts." This fear is being stoked by certain segments of the media and deserves to be addressed, as nobody wants to be seen as a pied piper leading… Read More …