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Why Under Armour Inc (UAA) Stock Is STILL Not Worth a Shot

I really don’t want to say out loud what I’m thinking inside about Under Armour Inc (NYSE:UAA). Taking aside its investment performance over the last two years, Under Armour makes great products. The company endorses superstar athletes, and I’m sure, even greater employees. I have nothing personal against the company. But facts are facts, and so far, UAA stock is a bear trader’s wish come true.

To be honest, I felt a little uncomfortable about my last write-up for the trendy sports apparel provider. Two factors made my ultimately bearish analysis difficult.

First, UAA stock had dropped firmly into $20 territory. A month before the presidential election, Under Armour was trading for roughly twice as much. You hate to put yourself out there after a stock receives a 50% haircut.

The other is the contrarian argument. Although most InvestorPlace contributors are just as bearish, if not more so than me, Richard Saintvilus bucked the trend. I have tremendous respect for his work, so when he called for a $25 price target in UAA, I listened. Certainly, the product reviews and strong celebrity endorsement deals are a net positive for Under Armour. And as he points out, we should buy low...