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Mercedes-Benz Invests in the Promising Future of Delivery Drones

The shipping industry is heading for an optimistic change. In order to service more business owners, consumers and large corporations world-wide, one has to think about pushing forward how items can be delivered faster. Mercedes-Benz has its eyes set on this notion and it has given financial backing to drone logistics developer Matternet. One of the things their partnership will be working on is the Vision Van concept — the transport is meant to make the whole idea of delivery drones more accessible and realistic. When out for a task, the “Vision Van” acts as a launching pad for drones where it grabs packages from the vehicles cargo space, then flies to short distance targets in order to complete deliveries.

Everything for the concept is still in its early stages. But it will be exciting to see as more developments come as I’m sure a lot of us are looking forward to packages being sent to our doorstep by hovering drones.