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Update: Sanchez Energy Announces Q4 2014 Production And Reaffirms 2015 Guidance

Sanchez Energy (NYSE:SN) announced Q4 2014 production of 4,039 MBOE and reaffirmed 2015 guidance. It also mentioned that its year-end 2014 proved reserves increased 129% from 2013 to 134.9 MMBOE. I had previously written an article in which I estimated its year-end cash balance and its 2015 projected results. The Q4 results are slightly better than I expected and results in its year-end cash balance being slightly higher than I expected. My conclusion that Sanchez Energy will be able to fund its 2015 CapEx plans via its operating cash flow and its cash balance is unchanged, although I still believe that Sanchez Energy will need to trim its CapEx budget slightly to maintain a reasonable cash balance in 2015 if prices remain around current levels for an extended period of…