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Departure of Directors or Certain

(i)2016 Annual Bonus Plan

On September30, 2015, upon the recommendation of the Executive Compensation and Human Resources Committee (the Compensation Committee), the Board of Directors (the Board) of Boston Scientific Corporation (the Company) approved the Companys 2016 Annual Bonus Plan effective for the performance period January1, 2016 through December31, 2016.

As part of the Companys overall compensation program, the 2016 Annual Bonus Plan provides an annual cash incentive opportunity for eligible salaried personnel (including the Companys named executive officers meeting the eligibility criteria) based on the achievement of certain performance metrics. The 2016 Annual Bonus Plan is substantially similar to the Companys 2015 Annual Bonus Plan and provides:

for a single bonus pool (the Total Annual Bonus) that will be based on the Companys performance measured against achievement of corporate-level performance metric goals for adjusted earnings per share and global sales on a constant currency basis (Global sales);

the Total Annual Bonus as operated (i)will be capped at 95% of the aggregate annual bonus pool target (the Aggregate Annual Target) in the event that the performance for Global sales is below 95% of the Companys approved performance goal for that metric; and (ii)will have a ceiling of 150% and a floor of 50% of the Aggregate Annual Target, with the Board having discretion to terminate, suspend or modify the plan and to reduce the Total Annual Bonus based on the Companys performance relative to its quality objectives and performance of its quality systems;

the Total Annual Bonus will be allocated among corporate, global operations and each participating business, regional and country unit (each, a participating unit) based on each participating units overall and relative performance measured against its achievement of that units predetermined Scorecard performance metrics and goals and taking into consideration, as appropriate, other factors; such allocation will be a percentage of the annual bonus pool target for each participating unit (representing the total target annual bonuses of all eligible employees for the year within that unit) (each such allocated amount, an Assigned Bonus Pool); and

the Assigned Bonus Pool for each participating unit will then be allocated among all managers of plan participants within that participating unit. Such managers will then evaluate the performance of the participants under their management and determine, for each participant, the percentage (between 0% and 200%) of the participants target annual bonus that will be used to determine the participants bonus award.

Awards to certain executive officers under the 2016 Annual Bonus Plan are subject to the Companys recoupment policy, which provides that, to the extent permitted by law, the Company may seek reimbursement of a bonus award in the...