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Stephen Colbert suggests Elon Musk should 'run for president'

After speaking with candidate Jeb Bush and celebrity George Clooney on his "Late Show" debut, Stephen Colbert moved on to a new kind of guest: Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Musk, CEO of both the electric car company Tesla Motors and space exploration company SpaceX, is a tech world icon, and Colbert seemed genuinely thrilled to have him at Wednesday's taping of "Late Show" episode #2.

During a commercial break after their televised conversation, Colbert told his studio audience that he was "truly moved" by Musk's vision for the future. Then he commented, perhaps just in jest, that Musk should "run for president."

Hearing that, one of Colbert's fans in the audience yelled back, "and you should be V.P." Colbert shook his head and smiled.