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J.P. Morgan Is Being Invested For Hiring The Children of Chinese Officials

In business like many other things in this world to get ahead alot of the time its all about who you know. If you're parents work in government or have a high profile job they know alot of people and in turn you technically know alot of people. Your ability to use the networks available to you is an essential tool. So imagine the surprise of J.P. Morgan had to feel when they found out the government is investigating them for hiring the children of power officials in China. 

With the Chinese economy being so big J.P. Morgan's ability to give the children of power officials jobs in their firm is a huge boost for them because now they have an inside track on any market because they have a high ranking official on the case and in reverse for all the favors and times the firm has done business with any number of individuals giving their kid a chance at one of the worlds most powerful firms is a pay back. Being that it is China that we are talking about I can understand why there is a whole big thing about this because it the same firms that these employees parents work at also ended up hiring J.P. Morgan. 

Sounds like a conflict of interest me.