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Some Progress and Improvement – Need to See More

Okay, I said yesterday morning – Patience is paramount until we see more.

Well, we did see more. Albeit with caveats.

First, major averages made a steady climb Tuesday.

Dow closed up 228. Nasdaq closed at a new high since the late August plunge.

However, volume was off at the exchanges.

The indices still remain under their respective 50 and 200-day moving averages.

Also, there was one breakout yesterday.

Over at BuyingBreakOuts.com we had a BreakOut Alert trigger for POOL at 1:50 PM.

Yet, nothing to get too excited about.

The stock only cleared its TRIGGER PRICE of $72.59 by 2 whole cents intra-day then closed lower.

Volume was only about average as well.

Me, I really need volume to be at the least +50% (100,00 DAV x 1.5 = 150,000 TRIGGER VOLUME) to be convinced.

Finally, we had some solid action in one of our current holdings.

After weeks of anemic trading (can’t complain, considering) PAYC closed up +4.75% on better than twice its normal turnover.

Although, the company did announce a proposed secondary offering of 4.5 mil shares of its common stock.

So, that may have had something to do with the move.

Of course, the real “more” we need to see is what comes out of the mouths at the Federal Reserve meeting and how the markets react.

Regardless, I will continue to watch our six holdings (below) for sell signals.

If any of the six which are currently in the James Taulman Personal Portfolio should be sold, I will send out one of my – SELL: Trade Ticket Alerts via email to all current members.

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