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US Trade Deficit Narrows 15%, Smallest Since Feb 2015 As Petroleum Imports Collapse

Against expectations of a $41bn deficit, September's trade deficit was practically in line at -$40.8bn, dramatically narrower than the revised higher (less negative) August print of $48.02bn as petroleum imports plunge to lowest since May 2004. With the smallest deficit since Feb 2015, The Fed is going to need a bigger boat to have enough debt to monetize when the looming rate hike drags the economy to the point of requiring more intervention.



The US September monthly international trade deficit decreased from $48.0 billion in August (revised) to $40.8 billion in September, as exports increased and imports decreased. The previously published August deficit was $48.3 billion.
  • The goods deficit decreased $7.3 billion from August to $60.3 billion in September.
  • The services surplus decreased $0.1 billion from August to $19.5 billion in September.


Charts: Bloomberg