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​Volkswagen is the Scott Walker of the Automotive World

Martin Winterkorn, owner of the greatest name of all the CEO’s, is stepping down from his position as the leader of Volkswagen (XETRA: VOW3). This was to be expected after Volkswagen perpetrated a full on top to bottom plan to hoodwink the world into thinking their cars were more eco friendly than they really were. That kind of thing will get you into hot water.

What I’m fascinated by is the fact that Winterkorn announced he was stepping down in the exact same bizarre fashion as Republican Presidential candidate Scott Walker. They both talked about how they are stepping aside because it would allow a “fresh start” for the person stepping into their role. As if they actually care about the people below them and they would have stepped down anyway, regardless of the huge scandal or disastrous poll numbers.

I would love, just once, for a person in a position of power facing a humiliating situation to speak the truth: “I’m stepping down because I got caught doing something really bad, and I just hope my actions don’t cause the full on collapse of one of the most venerated car companies of all time. I’m also not even that mad because I’m already worth like, ten million dollars. Plus I’ll get another job just as good once this whole thing blows over.”

But, it might take a while for the public to forget about this one. This is not like the Toyota (NYSE: TM) accelerator scandal from a few years ago. Toyota could play dumb in that case. Volkswagen has nowhere to hide. It took a lot of people to put this deception into action, and it seems like a lot of heads will roll before it’s all said and done. Only time will tell how far their stock will fall and how this scandal will affect the economy as a whole.