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Crude Oil Prices Are Spiking Into Close/OPEX

WTI Crude futures are up almost 6%, spiking above $48.50 into the close and options expiration... no fundamental catalyst for now... Once again, crude futures have been 'spoofed' all day so this is hardly a surprise.

Back into the green on the week...


As futures are ramped into the close/OPEX...


and as goes oil so goes everything else...

Freight train rally takes Crude up 6.5% in the last 30 minutes, other futures/stock indexes follow:

— Eric Scott Hunsader (@nanexllc)


as once again we see the machines hard at work "spoofing"...

Well this can't be more spoofing in Crude Oil, 'cause CME would have caught it by now

— Eric Scott Hunsader (@nanexllc)